a look into the mind of the demented

26 January 1993
hello there, stranger-who-happens-to-be-reading-my-profile. i'm not too good at talking about myself, but here it goes!

i like anime and manga, my favorites being ouran high school host club, axis powers hetalia, death note, dramacon, fruits basket, inuyasha, rurouni kenshin, black cat, durarara!!, princess tutu, yotsuba&! and victorian romance emma. i love to read books of all kinds and to list every book i've read and liked would be too hard but i can easily say my top two favorite book series would have to be harry potter and the weetzie bat series. i like to write fanfiction, and my fanfiction.net link is in my bio page. i write original stuff as well. a dream of mine is to be a published writer, a teacher and living in boston, although not in that particular order. i'd keep a writing livejournal if i wasn't so shy. i love talking to people so if you, stranger-who-is-happening-to-read-my-profile, want to talk go ahead and private message me.

ps: my lj header is courtesy of kameko_87, code found by kachiechan.